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couverture du livre Net.lang - version française Net.lang
Réussir le cyberespace multilingue
Réseau Maaya
Coordonné par :
Laurent Vannini
Hervé Le Crosnier
Version imprimée
34 €
ISBN 978-2-915825-08-4
mars 2012
Net.lang : Towards the multilingual cyberspace
Maaya Network

NET.LANG TOWARDS THE MULTILINGUAL CYBERSPACE is an educational, political and practical guide to policy and practice to understand key issues of multilingualism in cyberspace. Multilingualism is the new frontier of the digital network. This book presents the issues, and provides suggestions for a cyber-presence that is equitable among languages in the information society.

Promoting one's language, or language policy, teaching or working in a language, translating or interpreting languages, creating content in multiple languages, contacting people from other languages... are all situations where this book offers guidance. The vitality of multilingualism is a force both for the development of the internet for building inclusive societies, sharing knowledge and working with the objective of living well together.

Maaya / the World Network for Linguistic Diversity is a multilateral networkbcreated to contribute to the development and promotion of linguistic diversity worldwide. In terms of the Bambara language, Maaya could mean the neologism "humanitude". The Maaya Network was established following the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS), in which the cultural and linguistic diversity in cyberspace was identified as a priority. Maaya was founded by the African Academy of Languages (ACALAN), under the auspices of the African Union. http://www.maayajo.org/

This book is coordinated by Maaya Network, with a partnership from :

  • UNESCO, Communication and Information Sector;
  • Organisation internationale de la Francophonie ;
  • Union Latine ;
  • ANLoc et IDRC/CRDI.